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OR for future mobility systems

September 08-11, 2020

Technische Universit├Ąt Braunschweig


If you would like to organize a session, please contact the stream organizers.

Stream Chair(s)
Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Forecasting N.N.
Business Track N.N.
Control Theory and Continuous Optimization N.N.
Decision Theory and Multiple Criteria Decision Making N.N.
Energy and Environment N.N.
Finance N.N.
Game Theory and Experimental Economics N.N.
Graphs and Networks N.N.
Health Care Management N.N.
Logistics and Freight Transportation N.N.
Metaheuristics N.N.
Optimization under Uncertainty N.N.
OR in Engineering N.N.
Pricing and Revenue Management N.N.
Production and Operations Management N.N.
Project Management and Scheduling N.N.
Simulation and Statistical Modelling N.N.
Software Applications and Modelling Systems N.N.
Supply Chain Management N.N.
Traffic, Mobility and Passenger Transportation N.N.
Special Stream on "OR for future mobility systems" N.N.